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What’s Old is New Again – Episode 1.01

A couple of months ago, Chris texted out of the blue that he wanted to try recording again. We are both at different phases in our life that will allow us to take an hour or so every month to sit down and dedicate that hour to simply talking about video games. Fittingly enough, this year both Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat decided to release new games. Perfect. What’s old is new again.

We settle the ages old debate, at least in our eyes, of which is better this time around.

I thought we might start over the summer because I have more time then. That didn’t happen and then I thought we might be doomed to the dust bin of history once again. Well, things happen fast sometimes and we picked up the conversation again last month, picked a date, logged into Zoom, and recorded.

For the first one, I never tested the audio, so it might be a little off this time around. But, I’m actually testing different set ups and apps to make sure that it comes out better for future recordings. We talked about it and we have ideas at least through December. So, 4 episodes are bound to happen with more to come once we talk about next year.

In the meantime enjoy us talking about “What’s Old Is New Again” and come back next month for a discussion of our favorite spooky pop culture; movies, TV shows, and games. Last year, I started coming up with themes for each month and October (long planned and finally realized) became Spooktober, so it just made sense to follow that theme for the podcast.

2 Guys Gaming
2 Guys Gaming
What's Old is New Again - Episode 1.01

New Look for Spooktober 2022


Welcome to the beginning of our new look for Spooktober 2022. As promised, I’ve started the overhaul of the web page today. Yes, I only changed the color scheme. But, considering the day I had today, that’s pretty dang good. But, now, I have to change the banner image.

Quite the Undertaking

Sure, I blamed the lack of updates today on my crazy day. Truth be told, the thought of changing the banner makes me cringe a little bit.

I created this and it has been our banner for most of our time online.

I don’t have any ideas for a new banner right now. What I want is for it to be versatile for different themes. October/November for Halloween/Thanksgiving. December/January/February for Christmas/New Year’s and Valentines. March/April/May for spring. June/July/August for summer. Finally September for back to school

But, I commit again to making this work, even if only me, half a dozen actual humans, and 25 Russian bots care. This is the still only the first phase in making that happen. I need to remind myself of that as much as possible over the next month.

The Verdict

I have only changed the color scheme in our new look for Spooktober 2022. But, hopefully, over the next couple of days I can put together a new banner for the page, too. The main problem is that I don’t have any ideas of what to do with the new banner right now. I need to take some time, clear my head, and start tinkering with some ideas. Eventually, a new banner will manifest.