X-Men 700: Dream’s End


I admit it. I missed the entirety of the Krakoa era. Chris kept telling me how good the books are and I kept forgetting to add them to my DCBS cart. Then, it got to the point where it felt too overwhelming to jump in. I kept them on my pull list. I even ordered a ton of trades from Amazon that are currently sitting in my bedroom. Maybe I need to put aside some time for past comics and start with a Remember When: X-Men Krakoa feature or something. For now, let’s talk about X-Men 700.

I gave this issue its own article because its a supersized one. Usually, with these types of issues, they assemble a huge roster of talent from the history of the book and they tell their own type of story. While similar, this issue instead takes those stories and gives them each to a specific character to tell their story of the “Dream’s End.”

1 – Wolverine

Our old pal Logan comes to distribute some of his patented vigilante justice on Charles Xavier. It reminds me of the movie Old Man Logan where he and Professor X live alone in the middle of the desert. Charles has become too powerful and so Logan watches over him in a solitary confinement of sorts. This time, though, Logan never hesitates to move to deliver that fatal blow. Magneto has other plans. He interferes and tosses Wolvie out of the containment unit and flies himself and Professor X to “Have a chat”.

2 – Professor X/3 – Magneto

The two old arch frenemies wonder how it all went wrong this time. Magneto first asks Charles how they got here. Charles replies that Magneto quit. He died. Others died and the rest live. Because of his actions, he must pay the price. Magneto agrees with all that Charles said. Charles calls him Max (clearly a reference to the last however many years of the Krakoa Era that I don’t understand) and slightly sardonically gives him an “I told you so.” Magneto can’t help but to agree with the sentiment. Charles asks to be taken to his cell before he remarks that something is happening. Something wonderful.

4 – Cypher/5 – Krakoa

I had to Google “Cypher.” However, based on his name and the story told in his name, it looks like his powers have something to do with language. The two Krakoas can no longer speak to one another. He facilitates a summit between the two and something grows from that conversation. Cypher invites everyone to come explore this new land.

6 – Cyclops/7 – Jean Grey (Phoenix)/8 – Emma Frost

Scott, Jean, and Emma arrive at the newly developed Krakoa and meet with Kafka, one of the Quiet Council. He also met with Cypher to initiate the Krakoa summit. They witness the return of the Genoshan dead and listen as they go to tell their loved ones that they are well.

9 – Exodus

Another Krakoa era mutant that I’m not familiar with. When Kafka moves to take Krakoa away from the land of man, Exodus takes matters into his own hands to keep the island where it is.

10 – Apocalypse

This act gets the attention of Big Daddy A, who comes in and demands that they give him an update. Kafka tells him about Exodus’s little temper tantrum. Apocalypse, ever the problem solver, tells them that the time for talk is over and that he will take care of it.

The Battle, The Theft, and the Aftermath

Apocalypse makes short work of the council and then asks them to show him the heart of Krakoa. What have they built? Unimpressed that they no longer revere him as a god, he tries to show them that power again. This leads to a fight for the mutant’s, and Krakoa’s survival that ends with Wolverine and Deadpool facing off against Apocalypse. He gets in a good shot and then Nightcrawler teleports inside of Apocalypse, destroying his physical form.

During the fight, Doom sends Volt to steal a Krakoa seed for him. What he intends to do with it is anyone’s guess.

The X-Men again meet with Apocalypse reborn. Emma comes as the first emissary, but he ignores her cautions that they no longer have need for the gods and monsters of X-Men past. Jean Grey backs up Emma and the two of them eventually get through to him and he takes his leave. With Apocalypse gone and the council chambers freed, Kafka bids farewell to the mutants of Earth. The X-Men look on, tears in their eyes, as the first Krakoan era ends.

X-Men 700 Post Scripts

Big Daddy A meets with Orc and they discuss the future. Apocalypse, unsure after this recent defeat, considers choosing an heir. Mystique, disguised as Stasis, kills Mother Righteous. Apparently, it’s pay back for Mother Righteous making Mystique kill her lover.

Xavier, in an “anti-psychic” prison, he uses his powers to save a mutant from an anti-mutant attack. He then sends his psychic form to check in on his former X-Men. The projection leaves him weakened and he just keels over, in the words of the guard. They take him to a truck in order to transport him again. Just as the guard says, “He ain’t waking up.”, his eyes open.

The last story to recap is one by oldie, but goodie, Chris Claremont. He tells a tale of Nightcrawler getting a chance to speak with and confront his parents with the help of Mystique and Rogue. It’s a heart felt story and one that I hope gets explored in the new titles.

The Verdict

X-Men 700 makes me even sadder that I never picked up the titles before now. They tell an amazing story that not only ended the era. But, it gave me insight into what the era meant and why so many people enjoyed it. I officially apologize to Chris and won’t ever ignore one of his recommendations again.

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