I Wanna Be Your (Spider)Man

(Editor’s ‘Note: ‘Do you have a module based on the comic where Peter Parker and Mary Jane get married?)

Once upon a time, a gamer was a gamer. ‘You played video, board, card, roleplaying, and sometimes miniature games. ‘You bonded with other gamers over your mutual status as outsiders from polite society. ‘Really, we were complete outcasts, but it is infinitely more satisfying to tell those tea drinking weenies to suck eggs. ‘To be fair, this might have only been true about me and my friends. ‘Not only is that presumptuous, but I have actual evidence to the contrary. ‘Growing up, I saw the same people in the arcades as in the comic book store and in the RPG section of Waldenbooks (remember that place?), so there was definitely a fraternity of gamers that I’m not sure exists anymore.

I don’t know how or when it happened, but like much of our society, the gaming community became segmented. ‘(I’m about to get real for a paragraph. ‘Relax, though, it isn’t going to get to the level of those Dove commercials, but I have some things to get off my chest.) As a result, certain segments of the population that consider only their peers to be “true” gamers. ‘Honestly, these “true” gamers are really only a segment of a segment. ‘Yet, they have held tremendous influence over the hobby for at least a decade. ‘They used this influence to push for only one type of game at the exclusion of all others. ‘The tide appears to be turning back thanks to efforts by other gamers and even game designers. ‘The designers have created games to appeal to a wider audience. ‘This “new blood” has understandably caused some friction and resentment on the part of the “true gamers”. ‘2 Guys Gaming is both inspired by this movement and hopes to serve as inspiration to others to keep it going.

So, what does all of that have to do with the old Marvel RPG? ‘As one of the games that I used to play with friends, I thought of it recently because of 2 Guys Gaming. ‘We try to approach games from a fresh perspective and strive to make games fun again. ‘I doubt that we will ever do a podcast segment because it is defunct and Chris never heard of it, but it works perfectly as an article topic.

I enjoyed the Marvel RPG more than Dungeons and Dragons. ‘Not only did the game allow me to play as some of my favorite super heroes, it also scratched my creative itch by allowing me to create new ones. ‘That was the most fun, in my opinion. ‘I liked reading about the dragon slaying adventures of wizards and warriors, but my fevered teenage dreams always revolved around fighting side by side with Spider-Man and the Hulk. ‘Marvel RPG gave me the opportunity to do that at a time when most video games were centered around the X-Men or TMNT.

Kevin (of missing Episode 2 of the podcast fame) and I created a team of mutants to cause havoc (no pun intended) in the Marvel Universe. ‘Those games were some of the most fun that I had as a gamer before getting back into Magic a couple of years ago ‘That led to introducing my kids to the many worlds of gaming, getting together with Chris, rediscovering my love of the hobby, and starting the podcast and website. ‘Naturally, this all led to renewed interest in the games that I used to play.

If you have been following, you know that some friends and I are trying to find time to play some Dungeons and Dragons. ‘Liam and Aiden have both contributed to my interest in Magic, Pokemon, and many of the other games that I’m currently playing. ‘I picked up a Star Wars introduction RPG because I thought they might like it. ‘We haven’t played yet, but I might start them on Marvel instead. ‘It is a universe that they are more familiar with and it is easier to integrate those familiar characters into a story. ‘I’ve recently discovered a page that offers all of the old books and modules as PDF downloads. ‘Time to do some reading to familiarize myself again with the game rules.

I always knew that there would be benefits to having children. ‘I never suspected that one of those benefits might be the beginnings of a playgroup for video, RPG, and card games, but I’m definitely happy that it worked out that way. ‘Whether your curious about the game or looking to recapture former glory, you can find a massive trove of resources here. ‘In closing, until the cease and desist letter arrives (not my first one, but my first one from Stan lee, so I’d get it framed), Excelsior!

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