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2 Guys Game LotR Commander


I mentioned once or twice over this most recent iteration of the page that I more or less made it into an online journal for myself with some ambition of still trying to find like minded gamers. It humbles me to say that even with my new focus on maintaining a presence through the book club and YouTube series that second goal still eludes me. But, as it is a minor secondary goal, I don’t feel too bad about it. In the interest of the first goal, I present 2 Guys Game LotR commander.

Before that, though, I need to remark that Chris and I talked a couple of times about bringing back the main podcast. He mentioned it again at the end of our gaming session the other day. Our other companion, Jason, said, “You have a podcast?” I remarked, somewhat tongue in cheek, “Well, I have a podcast.” Then, Chris explained that we recorded a few episodes many years ago. I replied that I thought about abandoning the page until I saw that next year is our 10th anniversary. Something to be said for keeping it alive that long.

The Set Up

Chris and I planned to get together before our Germany trip. Something came up and we cancelled again, but promised one another that as soon as we got back, we’d make plans again. Actually true to our word this time, we made plans to play some video games and Magic the Gathering last Friday.

First, some more background. During the time that Quinn and Liam practiced for Willy Wonka, I threw a bit of a fit in the group chat with Chris and Jason. Things got awkward and the chat went silent for a bit. I saw a card in spoilers and wanted to share. Braving the land that I razed, I shared the card in the group chat. Jason and Chris both responded. He accepted my apology and Chris invited him to our game night. He accepted. So, while not inaccurate, the title doesn’t tell the whole story.

The card that repair burned bridges.

The First Match (2 Guys Game LotR commander)

So, how did I, your intrepid author, end up playing cards I talked a bit of smack about only mere months ago? Well, (a) I never claim to be above hypocrisy especially of the gaming variety and (b) Chris and Jason bought the cards and wanted to play. So, when Chris suggested that we try the LotR precon commander decks, I figured, “Why the heck not?”

He gave me the choice of decks. I picked Galadriel because she matched my color scheme that I always get when I play, “What MTG colors are you?” He and Jason flipped for the other deck. Dang. I thought I might want to write an article, but never took notes, so I can’t remember which deck Jason played. I know Chris played Sauron, but swapped out Saruman because of possible mana restrictions. Oh, I just looked them up on Amazon. Jason played Eowyn.

As I looked through the deck and then played, I saw that (probably predictably) the Galadriel deck did elf things. It makes 1/1s, buffs them, and eventually attacks for the win. However, as Chris discovered, the blue mana serves a purpose, too. “It doesn’t matter what deck you get,” he complained when he tried to cast into open blue, “you always get those control cards.”

Nevertheless, in a tale as old as time, I misplayed several turns and ended up with a wiped board and only 6 health. While nobody actually swung against me for lethal, I saw the writing on the wall and scooped. Jason beat Chris, or he scooped, too. In any case, Jason took the win. As Chris later said, “I’m sick of losing to that guy.”

The Intermission

Jason ordered and went to get food for dinner. I ate before leaving and Chris had pizza. So, when he left, Chris fired up one of the EA Sports NHL games. I don’t know the actual number. He and I played one period of hockey (I won 8-4 or something along those lines) while Jason ate. After the game, we contemplated what to do next. More commander, of course? But, LotR again? Or, one of our other decks?

The Second Match

I picked my landfall deck. It’s the most well tuned and the one I play the most, so I stood the best chance at possibly winning. Obuun, Mul Daya Ancestor commands that deck. Chris went with Prossh, Skyraider of Kher. Jason picked his dragons over zombies. So, he chose Vrondiss, Rage of Ancients as his commander.

As usual, I raced out to a pretty good head start. I triggered landfall a few times, drew Wrenn and Six, and a sac land. However, again, I realized too late that I misplayed against Chris’s strategy and ran out of gas pretty early. Then again, a Felidar retreat at any point or Emeria Angel earlier in the game put me in a better position to win. That’s just sour grapes, though, because I drew cards to wait out the sacrifice combo that Chris put together for a few turns. So, Jason overran Chris with Dragon Spirits and I died with a possible winning combo in hand.

The Verdict

Jason mentioned during clean up that he had no idea how his deck might fare against “real people”. Chris bristled at the comment, so he clarified it as “competitive” people. Chris again protested, but I owned it. When it comes to Magic, I just want to play and have fun. Win or lose, that almost always happens. So, while Chris and Jason get into a potential arms race, I’m content to just cast my silly elves and plant tokens.

Oh, I want a Craterhoof for my Galadriel deck, though. I hope you enjoyed what might become a series, 2 Guys Game LotR commander.

Tales from Middle Earth: MTG Style


A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about Tomb of Horrors. I meant forit to be a weekly installment as I worked through the various trials faced by the protagonist in Ready Player One. Then, as you know, life got busy. Well, I still plan to undertake all of those thing. It just might have to wait until after our Germany trip at this point. After all, I still need to figure out what to do for each trial. What does any of this have to do with Tales from Middle Earth?

Nothing, of course. But, you knew that. Sometimes we go off on tangents here at 2 Generations Gaming. I feel like that made more sense in the earlier context when I started writing the article. Now, though, I fail to see my intent. Oh well. Many of you might not read this one because the overall intent of the article comes not to praise Lord of the Rings, but to bury it.

It’s Not Just Me, Right?

I make no secret of my dislike for Lord of the Rings. In fact ,I talked about it again in recent episode of Noob’s Book Club. As a result, that is only one reason why I will be skipping this set altogether. Normally, I buy a booster box and a bundle (by now we all know these were fat packs in the past, but I always feel compelled to explain that) of each set to put into binders for my collection.

However, I don’t have the same connection to Lord of the Rings as many nerds. As such, a collection of cards from that “Universe Beyond” (to use the tag line I saw somewhere describing these sets) makes no difference to me. I texted Chris when I saw the article I will discuss in the next section. He said that Jason geeked out about the set, but he agrees with me that Lord of the Rings is just boring.

The main other reason for not caring about the set is that cards have no legality in Standard. I play mostly Standard on MTGA to finish quests. I play some Historic (if I don’t have the right deck for Standard) and almost no Modern, so the discussion of those formats is also moot and gives me no reason to buy the cards. I guess if some of the cards work in my Commander decks, then I’ll consider them.

Why Do We Keep Having This Conversation?

Once upon a time, I heralded the arrival of the internet as a new golden age of humanity. It gave us access to the wealth of human knowledge. Then, phones put that knowledge in to the palms of our hands. At this point, ignorance became a conscious choice. Boy howdy, have many people made that choice.

It seems like we get finished with one conversation about the skin color, gender, or sexuality of one fictional character and then another pops up. Most recently, people fight over black mermaids and now elves. I used to think that this was ignorant but mostly harmless. Surely, any such discussion is rife with dangerous undertones.

However, I recently saw a clip on Facebook that I reposted. It talked about Edison inventing the light bulb. Then, they discussed Lewis Latimer, the black man who invented the filament and what drove him. Then, of course, I made the connection between that and these idiot conversations. “When people start arguing about mermaids and elves, they are upholding the systems that hold people down.”

The “ONE” Ring

Scrolling through the headlines, I saw that someone offered over 100,000 for this card. That quickly got out of hand and the “bounty” now sits at 1 million or more. Well, when I saw the first article, I reacted as many of the characters in the book. I decided that if I opened the ring, I would throw it in the volcano. Several other people made the same comment. Then I texted it to Chris and we talked about how neither of us had any interest in the set.

Nevermind the irony that probably the most famous metaphor for wealth and power as a corrupting influence now exists in physical form. I acutually appreciate that. At the same time, I recognize the ridiculousness of the whole situation. 1 million dollars. For a single piece of laminated cardboard with some fancy writing on it? I simply cannot with y’all anymore.

The Verdict

Cards based on one of the most boring fantasy stories ever told? Check. Look somewhere else if you want a review of them. For the first time ever, I understand the people who slam Wizards of the Coast as simply only in it for the money. That always feels like such a dishonest criticism in our society. Hey, we’re hyper capitalists, but you aren’t supposed to do things for the money. Say, what? Anyway, those of you who are fans, I hope you enjoy Tales from Middle Earth. I will be skipping this one.