Marvel Snap March 2024: Avengers vs. X-Men


For some reason, my comics have been coming later the last couple of months. I still receive them, just a week later than before. Therefore, my usual schedule of comics reviews on the first week of the month no longer works. Thankfully, Marvel SNAP updates their new season during the first week of the month. So, I have at least one article for this week. I forgot what Marvel SNAP March 2024 was, but then I looked it up and we get Avengers vs. X-Men this month.

We started Mario in March last year. I plan to continue this year. I need to make the banner for Mario in March and plan out the rest of the month. A switch to Marvel in March was considered, but I think that might work better in May (closer to Deadpool release), so Maro in March, it remains. Keep coming back this month for quality Mario content!

New Locations

Utopia looks like a misprint from the data mine. Sure enough, I looked it up. It should say that 3 and 4 cards cost 1 less. Average cost savings that really helps certain decks. Certainly, every time I encounter the location, my opponent will be running nothing but 3 and 4 cost cards in their deck. I love Krakoa. Anything that adds power is a good thing in my mind. yes, I’ve become a Marvel SNAP size queen ever since Skaar released.

New Characters


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Costs 1 less for each card you have in play that didn’t start in your deck.

I love my energy generation. Those of you around when the Djinn released know I thought they might end up having to nerf the location. Never happened, but I know that I giggle every time it shows up in game. So, Hope will make it into several of my decks. Cannonball can be very powerful against an aggro deck. Also, I think that his ability is just about the most flavorful lore wise that I’ve seen. Pixie just feels like chaos to me. I don’t see myself playing her very much. Likewise, I don’t play many decks that add cards, so Mockingbird will most likely only get played if I need to for a quest. War Machine, on the other hand, costs 4, so he gets the Utopia bump. Plus, it always annoys me when I can’t play a card and I paint myself into a corner late game. He gives my dumb ass an out.

The Verdict

After a great January and a so-so February, Marvel SNAP March 2024 continues the slight downward trend of the seasons. Heck I don’t even care all that much about the special Conquest variant this month. However, without giving too much away, next month looks fun. I mean, you can Google it yourself if you want. Until then, see you in game, fellow SNAPers.

Images SNAPped from Marvel SNAP Zone.

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