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A Note About the FNAF Movie


My kids went to see the FNAF movie on Thursday. They actually put together a group of their friends and took over a movie theater for the event. When I heard, I got the idea to maybe record a special episode of Noob and Sons with them.

Then, I talked with each one of them about the movie. None of them seemed overly impressed with the movie. Because I like to promote positivity whenever positive, I don’t want to release a podcast basically trashing it. So, I collec their thoughts here and put the whole mess behind us hopefully.

Quinn – “It was Okay”

Christine and I both asked him the night of the movie when he returned home. He replied, “It was okay.” But, he reported that he had fun and that’s all that matters. He also told us a funny story about one of his friends who got scared during the movie only when a truck honked its horn. For the record, Quinn is very much like me when it comes to entertainment. His “It was okay” means that he’s pretty disappointed with the whole ordeal.

Aiden – “They Made it for Kids”

Of the three, Aiden sounded the most positive. He said the movie, for what it ended up being, was okay. He didn’t like that they geared it too much for kids. His final complaint is that they should have followed the game more. When I said I only recently played the game, he confessed that he never played it much, either. So, no big surprise, but our horror kid wanted the movie to be scarier.

Liam – “The Problem is the PG-13 Rating”

He said this the other day when we watched Scream as a family. He made the connection because of Matthew Lillard. I need to watch something good with Matthew Lillard in it. “So,” I replied, “you didn’t like the movie.” During his answer, he said this. I asked, “The games aren’t that violent, are they?” He laughed and said they are. It’s mostly pixelated violence, I guess, but they do show people being dismembered and such. Well, I guess I never witnessed that in my quick playthrough last week.

The Verdict

I also considered watching the movie myself and giving my thoughts when I learned that they released it on streaming at the same time. So, for now, we put this subject to rest with the knowledge that all three Lucas-Mullen kids came away disappointed with the FNAF movie.