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DC Comics May 2024


I started comics last week with the TMNT #150 celebration. Then, the wheels fell off and I shifted my focus. But, I knew I wanted to return to comics this week. I also remembered that I never covered the Marvel SNAP season for this month. So, in true 2 Generations Gaming fashion, I rebranded my blunder as all part of the plan. Practically, we waited a couple of days for DC Comics May 2024.

Since I only received six DC comics this time, I plan to dedicate a single section to each title similar to how I write the Independent articles. Fear not. This looks like a blip in the road, not “the end of comics” as I fear will happen sooner rather than later. But, as I also say, as long as they continue to churn out good stories, I’m here.

Action Comics #1064

Writer: Joshua Williamson, Artist: Rafa Sandoval. When I saw the preview for this mini event, I wanted to see what Williamson planned. The first issue exceeded even my lofty expectations. A standard “day in the life” of Lois Lane beginning quickly gives way to an invasion of Czarnians. While everyone thinks Luthor has a hand in the chaos, it soon becomes evident that Brainiac is involved. My verdict: Very good.

Catwoman 64

Writer: Tini Howard, Artist: Carmine di Giandomenico. I enjoyed the Nine Lives story so far. Sure, it’s cheesy and cliche. But, it’s also fun. That’s all that I ask of a story. I don’t care about the actual content or tone of the story necessarily as long as it’s fun. And, this one fits that bill. This issue feels more like a filler, but Howard still tells an engaging and fun filler issue that makes me want more. My verdict: Decent.

Detective Comics 1084

Writer: Ram V, Artist: Javier Fernandez. Ram V tries to bring back some of the noir vibe from early Batman and Detective Comics. He mostly succeeds, but it feels like something is missing. It just doesn’t work all the way for me for some reason. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Ram V writing Batman should work. My verdict: Decent.

The Flash 8

Writer: Simon Spurrier, Artist: Ramon Perez and Vasco Gorgiev. I liked Spurrier’s introduction to Flash. Not as much as Joshua Williamson’s run, but I thought good things might happen. Unfortunately, I just can’t get into the book right now. I’m not sure what it is. Like Detective Comics right now, it just feels like something is missing. Maybe it’s me. My verdict: Decent.

Superman 13

Writer: Joshua Williamson, Artist: Rafa Sandoval. Okay, this is what I’m talking about. Lobo and Supes teaming up to track down Braniac, who is harvesting powers, or souls, or something. I missed that part, I think. In any case, this story is fun. I said earlier, I like fun. And, Williamson brings fun to spare. My verdict: Great

Wonder Woman 8

Writer: Tom King, Artist: Daniel Sampere. Yes! Yes! A thousand times! Yes! This is the Tom King that I know and love. I think I mentioned last month that his story looked like it might finally be starting to pay off. And, it did in this issue. He taps into the history of the character while starting to carve out a place for himself in the mythos. I think he finally figured out the character and we can expect great things going forward. My verdict: Great

The Verdict

DC Comics May 2024 brings some surprises. Not all good. But, I still think that the books, overall, are in good hand. While I’m unabashedly a Marvel zombie, I still keep a flame alive for DC and want them to do well. So, they’re not in the same shape as Marvel (or, honestly, even the Spawniverse) right now, but they’ll get it figured out.

Check out the mothership for these and other books.

DC Comics April 2024


I unintentionally went dark for a week there. But, I updated the YouTube, released the latest episode of Noob’s Book Club, and now I’m getting back to the main page with DC Comics April 2024. Even so, the review comes later than usual. What can I say. Spring sprung in Massachusetts this week. We went for a walk. I went over to the Y for a swim. And, I’m obsessed with the new Fallout series. But, more on that next week.


Writer: Ram V, Artist: Ricardo Federici
Writer: Simon Spurrier, Artist: Ramon Perez
Writer: Tom King, Artist: Guillem March

Many people seem to like this Detective Comics story. I admit that it has some high points. But, overall, it’s too uneven for me to put it anywhere but in the decent column. So far, the Simon Spurrier run of Flash hasn’t panned out the way I hoped, either. I mean, I give them all credit for trying new things with the titles. But, they just don’t work for me.


Writer: Joshua Williamson, Artist: David Baldeon

Brian Michael Bendis made me care about Superman (until he drove the title off a cliff), but Jason Aaron and Joshua Williamson made me love Supes. I think Williamson intentionally backed off in this issue in order to prepare us for the big reveal at the end and the next story to come.


Writer: Tini Howard, Artist: Carmine Di Giandomenico
Writer: Jason Aaron, Artist: John Timms
Writer: Chip Zdarsky, Artist: Jorge Jimenez

Each one of these stories represents a very good writer at the peak of their games. Dark Prisons feels very much like the Detective Comics story, but more focused and tight. While the Catwoman “Nine Lives” story easily could have gotten hokie, Tini Howard keeps it cool. And, Jason Aaron pulled off the impossible. He got me to not only enjoy Superman, but a Superman story about Bizarro. Bravo, Sir.

The Verdict

DC Comics April 2024 is mostly good. Even the decent titles entertained me on one level or another. I think I wrote in my Marvel review last month (I could search, but it’s getting to 11pm now and I’m tired) that it feels like comics finally found those sweet spots of writers and the books they write for. It’s a good time to be a comic book fan right now.

Used the Google Machine to find the cover images.

DC Comics March 2024


I wrote earlier in the week that the Spawniverse and TMNT delivered probably some of the best issues that I’ve read in months. I mean, TMNT continues to be one of my favorite comics since I started collecting during Armageddon game. The Spawniverse, though, varied wildly in both content and quality. Okay, what does this all have to do with DC Comics March 2024?

Well, I graded all of the comics either “Good” or “Great”. And, honestly, the ones that I put in the “Good” column mostly just as a nit pick. I guess what I’m saying is that comics are in a really good spot right now. It’s just too bad that they’re a dying medium and won’t be around in a couple of months. Hey, I have to repeat it every so often, or it might actually happen.


Jason Aaron accomplished something no other writer ever has. He not only made me care about Bizarro, but he actually wrote a Bizarro story that I enjoy. The nit pick here is, it’s Bizarro. I can’t put him in “Great” territory. Ram V and Tom King are both on my “can’t miss” list. I like everything that they right. However, I haven’t quite accepted King as a Wonder Woman writer yet. And, Ram takes some chances in Detective that I respect. They haven’t quite paid off 100%, though. Finally, Simon Spurrier writes a good Flash story, but I still like Williamson better.


Writer: Chip Zdarsky, Art: Guiseppe Camuncoli
Writer: Tini Howard, Art: Carmine di Giandomenico
Writer: Joshua Williamson, Art: David Baldeon

I’ve been waiting for Zdarsky to take off on the Batman title. He came close a couple of times before. This story, though (Joker Year One) rises almost to the level of Tom King Batman. Regular readers of the page (both of you!) know what high praise that is from me. Tini Howard, likewise, took what I enjoyed about the Joelle Jones Catwoman and expanded on it with the Nine Lives story. Last, but not least, Joshua Williamson showed that he’s not a one hit wonder by making me look forward to the Superman issues every month. Bravo to all of you.

The Verdict

Maybe I’m getting soft in my old age. Then again, I keep talking about how impatient I am in Noob’s Book Club. Who knows? In any case, I liked DC Comics March 2024. Along with the Spawniverse and TMNT titles, I enjoyed reading comics this month more than any time over the last year probably. Hopefully Marvel keeps it up. Come back Friday to find out.

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February 2024 DC Comics I Love


After a hiatus of a month and a delay by a week, I returned with February 2024 independent comics. Because of no TMNT, I only read and reviewed a few books in the SECU (tm – me?) in that article. Today, we went to one of Quinn’s swim meets. The down time in between waiting for his events gave me a chance to read the February 2024 DC Comics for this article.

Another father noticed me reading Action Comics and started a conversation. I told him that I got my books mostly from DCBS, but every couple of months, I take a trip to That’s Entertainment. We both geeked out at the mention of the store and agreed that we could easily spend an entire day there every time we go. I dropped a casual mention about the miniature painting classes and I might have made a new friend.


Writer: Si Spurrier, Artist: Mike Deodato, Jr.
Writer: Si Spurrier, Artist: Mike Deodato, Jr.
Writer: Tom King, Artist: Daniel Sampere

While I enjoyed the lead in to this new Flash story, I’m having trouble getting into the actual story. It’s not bad, it just doesn’t appeal to me. I think I might need to do some more previous reading of Flash to understand the background of this one. When that might happen, I don’t know. As far as Wonder Woman, you all know I’m one of the biggest Tom King fans. However, his slow burn story method that worked so well on Batman falls flat so far with Wonder Woman.


Writer: Jason Aaron, Artist: John Timms
Writer: Chip Zdarsky, Artist: Jorge Jimenez
Story: Tini Howard, Artist: Stefano Raffaele

I disregarded the other Action Comics sent to me because it ended the previous story. This one started a new arc. I never enjoyed Bizarro in the past, but Aaron made this story intriguing so far, so I’m willing to give it a chance. Zdarsky’s Batman has been a bit off from the previous couple of writers, but it hasn’t fallen off completely. I think with some time, he will come up with something great for the title. In the same way, Tini Howard’s Catwoman doesn’t stand up to Ram V and especially Joelle Jones. I know we’ll never get back Jones at this point, but I think Howard has the best chance to get back to close to that.


Writer: Ram V, Artist: Jason Shawn Alexander
Writer: Ram V, Artists: Riccardo Federici and Stefano Raffaele
Writer: Joshua Williamson, Artists: Bruno Redondo and Caio Filipe

Ever since the Tom King Batman and James Tynion IV Detective Comics era of these books, I’ve been waiting for the books to reach those heights again. Batman lags somewhat behind, but Ram’s treatment of Detective has been amazing. Likewise, but on a different note, Williamson made the impossible possible by getting me to enjoy Superman. This issue, especially, tickled me with the Western motif and engaging storyline. Superman is probably the best book in DC Comics right now.


February 2024 DC Comics was a good one for the company. I found myself struggling to put each comic in each category. They all could have easily been moved up a category. But, I want to remain true to my ideals and not go too easy with these reviews.

DC Comics October 2023: Great, Good, Decent


Last month, for some reason, they sentme the first issues for Power Girl and Green Lantern. I thought maybe I added them to my pull list or cart to check them out because of the non-reboot reboot “Dawn of DC”. Maybe the latter, but not the former because I’m back to my usual 7 books for DC Comics October 2023.

Overall, the books entertained me this month. None of them were especially bad or annoying. That’s all I ask from my comics books right now. I’m older and softer when it comes to my criticisms. Since there are so few books, I’ll just give my thoughts on each of them in order.

Action Comics 1058

Writer: Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Artist: Rafa Sandoval. We got pay off after the evil Superman reveal. Supes keeps his doppleganger busy and away from the public. He pays for it, but defeats the other Supes. Someone talks about turning a Kryptonian and then Clark goes to Steel to have him craft a suit while he heals. I feel like I forgot something because of the Knight Terrors gap. Need to go back and read previous issues again. My verdict: Decent.

Batman 138 (Legacy: 903)/Catwoman 58

Writers: Chip Zdarsky (Batman), Tini Howard (Catwoman), Artists: Jorge Jimenez (Batman), Nico Leon (Catwoman). I put these two together, because they complement one another in the Gotham War storyline. Speaking of, the gild appears to be solidly off the lily on this one. I liked Catwoman better than Batman this month. I have no use for the Zur storyline. But, I like that Catwoman took it upon herself to keep Bruce busy and try to keep Gotham together in the face of overwhelming odds. My verdict: Decent.

Detective Comics 1076

Writer: Ram V, Artist: Francesco Francavilla. A fun conclustion to a two part scarecrow story. It expores the myth of Batman through a conversation between Batman and young Bruce. An old and overused technique. At least Ram V does it well. My verdict: Good.

Flash 2 (Legacy: 802)

Writer: Si Spurrier, Artist: Mike Deodato, Jr. You all know I liked Williamson’s Flash. Like, really liked it. I thought when they shuffled things around books might suffer. Some have a little bit (like Batman), but not this one. This story is weird, but I dig it. My verdict: Great.

Superman 7 (Legacy: 850)

Writer: Josh Williamson, Artist: Gleb Melnikov, Dan Jurgens, Norm Rapmund, Edwin Galmon. Unlike recent big number issues, they simply continue the current storyline in this one. That’s fine with me. Chris mentioned in the latest podcast that I keep making him rethink taking Supes off his pull list. What can I say? Williamson writes a fun Superman and this story has just enough to keep me interested right now. My verdict: Good.

Wonder Woman 2 (Legacy: 802)

Writer: Tom King, Artist: Daniel Sampere. I like Tom King. I wasn’t sure about his take on Wonder Woman after the prologue and first issue. I’m still not 100% sold on it. But, this one gives me just enough of the Tom King magic that I think he might eventually pull it off. My verdict: Good.

The Verdict

Like I said, DC Comics October 2023 has some fun books in it. I like what they’ve done with this latest not a reboot reboot and the creative teams work pretty well together. I do find it interesting that my two favorite books of all time, Batman and Spider-Man are both suffering right now, but they’ll get it figured out.

Visit DC Comics for these books and more.

The Flash 800 Extra-Sized Spectacular!


I wrote in my DC Comics June 2023 review that they released two landmark issues this month. The first of them that I read (simply due to the consequence of the alphabet) was The Flash 800. I originally started collecting Flash comics because Aiden enjoyed the character and watched the television show in it’s entirety.

I read several issues early in the Joshua Williamson run. I liked what I read, but with no attachment to the character, I never committed to making it part of my regular rotation. But, like any self respecting comic book fan, I need to read all of the big time issues. Let’s dig in to The Flash 800 and see what it offers.

Don’t Come to Central City

Writer: Jeremy Adams, Artist: Fernando Pasarin

A few years ago, while teaching a STEM summer course at Holyoke Community College, my TA made a statement that I initially considered controversial. I since heard the claim made by others and now understand the ramifications. While talking about The Flash, he says, “If you think about it in a Physics sense, the Flash is the most powerful super hero. Wait, what? Superman? The Hulk? Galactus? Then, we discussed it further and, as I said, I understood the thesis. Well, this story takes that thesis and presents it through the lens of some small time criminals warning against messing with Central City and the Flash. My verdict: Good

The Max in the Mirror

Writer: Mark Waid, Artist: Todd Nauck

As not much of a Flash fan, I think I missed something in this story. Aiden, better versed in the character, might understand and appreciate it better than me. Because, honestly, I just wanted to finish it and move on to the other stories in the book. My Verdict: Decent

Flash Family

Writer: Joshua Williamson, Artist: Carmine di Giandomenico

I wrote earlier that Williamson almost made me a Flash fan. More impressively, he recently turned me into a Superman fan. I like this story because it is sweet and focuses on family. As I mentioned more than once lately, that subject gets me every single time lately. My verdict: Great

Blitz Back

Writer: Geoff Johns, Artist: Scott Kolins

The last story in the book sells itself as a set up for the new book as part of “Dawn of DC”. This one leads in to the lead in with an analysis of Zoom’s character and his part in the next chapter of The Flash. Of all of the Flash villains, Zoom is my favorite. My Verdict: Great

Between Love and You

Writer: Si Spurrier, Artist: Mike Deodato Jr.

This story tells the typical dual life super hero tale. Admittedly, a bit of a let down after the two stories before, but I understand the reason for ordering them in that way. And, to their credit, after Knight Terrors, I plan on giving The Flash another chance to crack the rotation. My verdict: Good

The Verdict

Overall, a fun landmark issue that highlights the important parts of Flash history. They gave the issue the subtitle of “A Celebration of Wally West”. Again, as a lesser Flash fan, I don’t necessarily have a favorite Flash, but I liked this book, so I can’t wait for the next stories in the series.

DC Comics May 2023: Great, Good, Decent


After half assing my way through last month’s return to comic book reviews, I performed my due diligence this time around. In between school ending and decorating and watching my son in his seniorparade I read the DC Comics May 2023 and made my great, good, and decent list. We returned from the parade. While they clean off my father in law’s truck, I sat down to write the article.

The list may surprise you. I know it surprised me. But, I come by it honestly. The surprises start early and continue through to the end. This article with shock you. You won’t believe your eyes. In case you can’t tell, I’m trying to trick the algorithm into boosting this articleinthe search results. Controversy sells, right?


Batman #135 (Legacy 900): Writer – Chip Zdarsky, Artist – Mike Janin. Okay, this one will cause some waves, if anyone reads it. Hey, I told you. I don’t know what it was about this story. It just didn’t hit with me. Maybe I have to go back and read the first couple of issues. I don’t know. The one thing I found cool about it was all of the universe hopping and different styles of Batman we got. Other than that, pretty forgettable as far as a “landmark issue”.

Catwoman 55: Writer – Tini Howard, Artist – Nico Leon. Again, a bit of a surprise. I loved when Joelle Jones rebooted the series. Then, it fell off a bit. But, it ramped back up with Ram V. I might just be missing major plot points because I jumped back in towards the end of stories. I just prefer the cat burgler or tenuous alliance with Batman Catwoman stories. Ones like this just don’t keep me interested or entertainted.


Flash 798/799: Writer – Jeremy Adams, Artist – Tom Derenick. Unlike the multiverse and time hopping in Batman, I welcomed it in The Flash for these two issues. I can’t explain why. I only started picking up Flash comics for Aiden, who was a huge fan of the hero. Then, I read and enjoyed it during Williamson’s run. Since then, it just keeps showing up in my pull list. But, I pulled the trigger this time and I’m glad I did. Fun story. Can’t wait for 800.

Wonder Woman #799: Writer – Becky Cloonan and Mike Conrad, Artist – Alitha Martinez. I picked this one up after just reading another social media post about someone intentionally trying to pick fights with neckbeards about equal rights for all. I admit to being a sucker lately for that kind of thing, especially in light of my soul searching as a result of reading Ready Player One. Yeah, seriously. Anyway, the book (even with such a bold cover) downplays the relationships. But, I liked the seamless travel between dream worlds as the set up for something really cool, I hope. Next month looks big with a couple of 800s.


Action Comics 1055: Writer – Philip Kennedy Johnson, Artist – Rafa Sandoval. Yes, dear readers, we truly live in the upside down. Both Bats and Cats reside in the dumpster this month and Action Comics (plus, I imagine you can deduce, Supes) in the great. What can I say. I enjoyed the heck out of this story. I didn’t know what to think going in, but they made everyone, including cyborg Superman, into a compelling character with a great narrative.

Superman 4: Writer – Joshua Williamson, Artist – Nick Dragotta. What can I say? All it took for me to finally get on board with the Man of Steel was a little bit of Joshua Williamson. Granted, it means that I don’t have to put Superman and Brian Michael Bendis into the same sentence, so that helps. But, it’s Lex and Supes teaming up. What more can you ask for? As far as I’m concerned, no more.

The Verdict

I told you. DC Comics May 2023 turned our whole world upside down here at 2 Generations Gaming. I imagine things returning to normal next month, but who knows. If Williamson keeps writing Superman, I don’t see that one budging. Maybe we just get the elusive month of only great books. Come back at the end of June to see.